VTC Hub Update: Improved Recruitment system

This versions contains some little changes and a overhaul of the recruitment system.

Recruitment system and applications overhaul

New Application Detail

Added Discord and email field. The email field is hidden for you (and for everyone) and is used only to contact the user about the application status sending an email on accepting or rejecting. Added Reject Reason and Internal Comment.

  • Applications now can be place “in progress” taking them in charge (dedicated button “Assign to me”)
  • Added new field in VTC settings Information tab to specify a custom formatted text that will be shown during the application process: could be a custom message, what you would to ask to the user, requirements and so on
  • Linked directly Steam and Trucky Web profiles page to get in contact and recognize the user easily
  • Added “Sync Members from TruckersMP” button in members list: it syncs only new members so now can be used only the TruckersMP to get new application


Other changes:

  • Vehicle and Job Detail: Added vehicle information inside aside column in job detail showing the company vehicle used or an hint about the vehicle should be bought to avoid renting cost (so is clear if it’s a modded truck or not)
Vehicle matched for the current job
Vehicle used for this job

Dispatcher: now Dispatched Jobs for the Company and personal Dispatches can be deleted

  • Several server side improvements impacting internal pages loading times (mostly server side with database optimizations)
  • App settings: added new option to specify the default home page (default: Profile) but now you can choose to view immediately the VTC Hub or other pages

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