We have a new Discord server!

It is dowmeister who writes here.

The backstory

Why do we have a new Discord server? Because I did something very stupid: my account was compromised.

It was too simple: I was talking with a dear friend, after a few minutes from the last message he asked me to try a new game and I fell for it like a fool! Besides, we were talking just a few seconds before. And zac! my account was compromised and I lost access to Trucky’s server.
How is it possible that clicking on a ticket someone have access to an account?
In the blink of an eye they were able to change the email and phone number associated with the account, even with 2FA enabled. Unbelievable!

Inexistent Discord Support

Unfortunately, and this is the worst part though, Discord support is terrible, in two days, they still haven’t answered me, they took my ticket and then they disappeared. The attitude of Discord on the management of these tickets, which clearly come from the bad security of Discord itself, is questionable and below any professionalism.
At this moment the ticket is stopped since 2 days, without any official answer and not assigned to any operator.

But, in any case, this is what happened and we have to deal with it: I won’t stop trying to recover my account.

Immediately, everyone in Trucky’s staff started working to keep the server clean and safe, as far as possible, closing and cleaning internal and private channels from the sensitive information we exchange every day.

The decision

Hoping that Discord’s support would be quick to resolve the issue, we waited but seeing how it was going we took the difficult decision to abandon the old server and create another one.

But not everything comes to harm, starting again with a clean server gave us the opportunity to clean it up and restructure it in a different way, even easier to use.

The main reason though is this: we couldn’t leave the Community around Trucky, the users who talk every day on the server, who have formed bonds of friendship, our Patrons, those who need help and support in using Trucky’s applications, without a place to stay.

All Trucky’s services are working properly, all data is safe on our servers, we have however taken corrective actions such as changing all our passwords, server accesses, databases, I personally have changed the password of most of my social accounts.

TruckyBot is safe: my account obviously has 2FA enabled so attackers can’t access the bot’s token and can’t make various changes. We had already used a Developer Team on the Developer Portal so other developers have total access to the bot.

A new home

So, you are all invited to join the new server and start living the Trucky Community again as before, and even better 🙂

Please leave the old Discord server before joining the new one.

Join now our new Discord Server!

Enquire now

Give us a call or fill in the form below and we will contact you. We endeavor to answer all inquiries within 24 hours on business days.