A message for Trucky integrators

If you are a developer using Trucky API’s to gather data for your app, bot, site, VTC panel, this message is for you.

To maintain an online platform, one of the main activities to be carried out is checking the logs. The logs contain a lot of important information and some of them sometimes catch the eye.

Some developers use Trucky to load TruckersMP user data, those who use it to check if it is online, those who use the ResolveLocation API maybe in its VTRPC fork.

Trucky’s APIs are free and free to access, no authentication is required, nor a token or username and password, so it is virtually impossible to recognize who is calling the API.

One of the information that allows you to recognize who is calling the API is the User-Agent used in the call.

For this, we ask you to ALWAYS specify in the HTTP calls (from PHP, Node.js, .NET, Java, Python etc) the “User-Agent” HTTP header that allows you to understand who is using the API.

Calls without User-Agent or generic one are found, the IP from which they come will be banned.

Trucky API is public and always will be, but let us know that you are using them in your app, will help to check who is using them and maintain the service smooth and reliable:

App information



Unfortunately, many developers, even in the past, have made some mistakes or lightness in handling Trucky API calls by calling them too often in a matter of seconds or trying to do the scraping.

These errors, probably in good faith, however, have overloaded the call platform, slowing down all users who use it.

Very shortly, a Rate Limiting layer will be added that will block incorrect behaviour.

Some APIs respond with cached data so it is useless to make a call every 2 seconds for something with cache expiration of 5 minutes.
So if you have any doubts about how much and how to call the APIs, come to Discord to talk about it together.

Hope you understand this message and reasons behind it, if you are any inquiry, feel free to talk with us on our Discord server.

Thank you!

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