VTRPC and customizations available in Overlay

Latest Overlay release brings major improvements to the game experience.

Now VTRPC (Virtual Trucker Rich Presence – https://vtrpc.live/) is included and customizable directly from the overlay via the Telemetry Plugin without using external tools like other plugins or NodeJs programs.

VTRPC is disabled by default and can be enabled from the options window inside and out of the game (after modifying this settings, the game need to be restarted so do it before playing).

With some options, you can customize your VTRPC experience on Discord and furthermore, can specify your own Discord apps to customized how the Rich Presence is shown and image used.

When playing in TMP, please remember to disable the TMP RPC or it will override VTPRC.

Now, many UI parameters could be modified and customized as your will: primary color, windows opacity, main font color, upload a custom logo and so on.

This version brings some bugfixes and little improvements, like a friendly message that checks if the overlay is enabled for both games, as many users reported issues on first launch because the overlay is not enabled by default in Overwolf.

New languages has been added: Bosnian, Slovenian and Hebrew.

Overlay will be updated automatically at next Overwolf restart.

As always, if you need support, join #help on Trucky Discord server.

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