Discover Trucky’s Ambassadors

A week ago we opened the Ambassador Program: a moment of great sharing and union with the Virtual Trucking Community and especially with the Streamers who entertain you during their travels.

The response of the Streamers has been crazy: in less than a week we received more than 50 applications and we sincerely did not expect so much participation and especially so fast.

Unfortunately some were rejected because they did not meet the requirements (we love you so much).

Others, however, have been accepted, and some are being evaluated. It’s a pity I can’t show you Worlorck‘s reaction when he read the email confirming his admission as Ambassador, he was very excited.

In the meantime, we want to introduce them to you one by one:







Berkay Ocak


The Ambassadors are cool, they have a genuine interest in the community and in Trucky, they have already done an amazing job showing what is coming in the next release.

Take a look below, this tutorial from NeofoxTTV:

The work of the Streamer is demanding, no hours, little sleep, dividing between personal commitments, work, family, children to have fun and entertain you.
Follow them on their Socials, contribute to their success, they deserve it!

Discover all Ambassadors and their bios here!

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