Mobile Integration of the VTC Hub!

That’s right you heard me right! After feeding the Code Monkeys with several truckloads of bananas, they have finally done it.

They have managed to integrate the VTC Hub into the Trucky Mobile App. This was no small task, I tell you. After many, many hours of pouring over code and beta testing, and input from you, the community, they were able to get it working. The features are something that we are quite proud of and feel that they are quite useful, for any of our VTC owners that are busy and on the go.

With the integration, you can view your company information such as Members, Company Stats, and Company Jobs.

Each tab has more information that can be brought up by tapping on an on-screen item. Tapping on a member’s name on the Members screen will bring up information about that member, such as profile name, leaderboard position, TruckersMP profile information, and Steam profile information if connected.

Tapping on the Jobs tab and then tapping on a job will give you details about that job. Which driver took the load, source location, the destination, cargo, income, etc.

As you can see these features can be a way for busy VTC owners to keep in touch with the company as they carry out their daily duties. Quick, easy, and at the tip of your fingers anywhere in the world.

Check on that new member from a boat dock in Bali, see how much that last load made for your company from a bar in Paris, or check your place on the leaderboards while whitewater rafting down the Colorado River.

It’s all at your fingertips, anywhere!

The new version is already ready to be updated on Play Store, for App Store it could take a while for the Apple approval process.

What do you think about this announcement? Do you have something to suggest or do you have something to report? Come to our Discord and let’s talk about it!

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