Overlay update: Leaderboards and Achievements

ETS2 and ATS are not competitive games, we know that. We like to sit in our comfortable chair and drive, drive, drive.
But why not add a little bit of salt and a little bit of competitiveness?

The latest version of the overlay introduces two great new features: Achievements and Leaderboards.

Below we explore them with some details about the new features, look at the video to see how will work:

Let’s be clear that we didn’t want to create a job logging system like VTLog or Trucksbook, it’s a completely different concept: there is no delivery economy, the “currency” is the kilometer traveled. The goal is to “reward” those who drive more.

Obviously, only users who use the Overlay participate in this “competition”? Not using it? What are you waiting for! Download it now!


Achievements are personal targets, weekly, monthly, or for each delivery.
There will be permanent targets based on:
– KM driven during a delivery
– KM driven in free-roaming
– Number of deliveries
– Automatic loading (valid for deliveries with owned trailer)
– Automatic parking
– Special transport


Besides, there will be dynamic targets, weekly or monthly, based on the number of deliveries made with a certain brand of the truck or to and from a certain city.

Other dynamic targets will be added over time, such as deliveries of a certain load or other parameters.

Each target gives a variable number of points, depending on various parameters and with different coefficients.

The logic with which the points will be assigned will vary over time as the system is tested and a run-in with data from your trips.

Level System

Each point contributes to a level associated with the player. They all start from level 1, the progression is a constant curve.

After each session, it will be shown how many points you have and how many are missing at the next level.


To show your friends how cool you are and if you drive more than them, there will be public rankings on https://web.truckyapp.com/leaderboards (they are filling up, be patience!) on a weekly, monthly, and all-time basis.

The release of these features also adds new elements in the user’s profile page on Trucky’s Web App: it will show his weekly or monthly achievements, how many points he has and his level, his position in the time rankings.

Full changelog:

  • New UI theme
  • Leaderboards and Achievements: participate to the global Trucky leaderboards and unlock weekly and monthly
    achievements based on your driving performances
  • Startup window reworked: options now open inside the startup window and not in a separated window, added social links, added current level and points from leaderboards, changed background under launcher buttons to create more contrast with WOTR image background
  • Changed Options window tabs navigation
  • Displaied hotkeys English description – preparing to be translated
  • Changelog window reworked
  • Bugfixes:
    • Game not recognized properly: fix various issues related to a strange behaviour of Overwolf in some situations causing the game not being recognized properly (wrong unit system, multiplayer features not available, current server status not updated, live map not working)
    • Opening Options window shouldn’t cause ALT+TAB out of the game anymore
    • Overlays position keeps resetting on ALT+TAB o focus change is now fixed (hopefully)
    • Game crash in some situation due to invalid JSON responses from API
    • Little various UI fixes
    • Changelog window scroll

What do you think about the new features? Do you have something to suggest or do you have something to report? Come to our Discord and let’s talk about it!



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