Trucky is now shipped with the Mod Manager

As you may know, a few weeks ago we launched Truckymods.io, a new Trucky platform addon.

An ambitious project, which aims to bring order to the modding community on ETS2 and ATS by offering a unique place where creators and users can meet, with quality content, uploaded by the authors themselves, without ads and damn popups popping up at every click.

Now TruckyMods.io’s content, the mods, are also available from Trucky on Windows.

The release was quiet, we wanted a large segment of users to try the FIRST MOD MANAGER for ETS2 and ATS, apart from the Steam Workshop.

But why the Mod Manager instead of the Steam Workshop:

– Full support for Map Mods
– Game version control, you will always install the version compatible with your game
– Manual update
– Possibility to manually download an older version of the mod
– Dependency check
– Management of your mods library

All this already inside Trucky on Windows, no other client required.

In the last weeks we have already reached 1000 registered users, 3000 downloads, sending more than 500gb of data.

You can easily find the Mod Manager from the sidebar menu in the Desktop window

Soon TruckyMods and, aswell, the Mod Manager will receive new features like Collections (Mod packs), the ability to install mods directly from the Mod Manager browsing the web version, the list of your downloads.

A note to the creators: TruckyMods actively supports you by helping you fight reuploads. It’s an endemic, widespread problem: the sites where you can find mods are full of content not uploaded by their authors. This is not good, the creators must be recognized.

TruckyMods every day goes around the Internet to find your mods uploaded on these sites, reports them and helps you to request their removal by creating for you an automatic and pre-filled email with the removal request.

Some creators are already using this feature with excellent results!

Follow our ambassadors and their live streams on Twitch to find out more.

What do you think about this announcement? Do you have something to suggest or do you have something to report? Come to our Discord and let’s talk about it!

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