VTC Hub release

As of today, the VTC Hub is available to EVERYONE!

As mentioned in the Introduction post, VTC Hub introduces the missing piece of the puzzle in Trucky: job tracking and VTC management.

This feature has been tested for several months, together with the internal testers, the Ambassadors and in the final phase together with the Angel Patrons and some VTCs who decided to join the internal test.

More than 30 thousand jobs have been logged.

Here are some features introduced in this first public version:

  • Job Tracking
  • Company Management: members, applications
  • Fleet Management: garages and vehicles
  • Vehicle rental and maintenance calculation
  • Personal and company statistics
  • Server side Economy: Cargo Market with prices that change every day according to supply and demand
  • Monthly leaderboards
  • Company and member awards
  • Dispatcher integration: now can dispatch jobs internal to the company
  • User Banner: a tool to create an highly customizable banner with stats and company information for forum signatures

We have prepared a complete guide with all the necessary explanations for the use of the VTC Hub, here.

We would like to thank those who took part in the test, both internal and private, and a special thanks to the Translators who worked hard to translate hundreds of new strings, 15 languages are already fully translated.

Have fun!

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