Introducing the VTC Hub

On our Discord, a game between us and the users has been going on for quite some time now, asking for job tracking to be added to Trucky.

They called it “Truckybooks“, mentioning the platform that already existed in the field of job tracking.

But we didn’t want to add just job tracking, it would have to be something different.

Finally, this time has come and we are ready to introduce the VTC Hub.

Company Dashboard

VTC Hub is yes, the presence of job tracking in Trucky, but not only that: it’s a platform for managing a virtual company, with a significant addition: server-side economy.

Jobs List

The server-side economy allows you to have a company budget and the management of a fleet of vehicles, assigned to drivers, who, by delivering goods, make the company richer (or sometimes lose money).

Fleet Management

In addition, there will also be a Cargo Market: a global market of goods where prices go up and down based on the supply and demand of the goods themselves, a market influenced by all the companies on Trucky.

Global Cargo Market

In addition to the “Realistic Economy” mode, there is also the classic “Distance Driven” mode that contributes to the leaderboards.

VTC Directory
VTC Distance Leaderboards

And this is “only” the beginning, there is so much more to come.

If you want to take a deeper look, read our Knowledge Base.

The VTC Hub is already available to Ambassadors and Angel Tier Patrons for a few weeks, it will soon be available for everyone.

Now we want to invite selected VTCs (we won’t be able to accept all of them, let’s be clear) and, for each VTC, 2-3 people to preview the whole new system.

If you have a small-medium VTC and you are interested, please fill out the form here, you will be contacted soon by our Team. Applications are now closed, all VTCs will get an answer as soon as possible!


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