January Update

The January update is more of a bugfix update than the last one made in November.

In the last month we’ve been working on something else 🙂 but in the meantime we’ve taken the opportunity to fix a number of small bugs and glitches that hardly occurred during normal testing.

The only real news is the return of the Desktop Helper to a separate window: many users did not like the unified window with the Desktop one and we had many reports of game tabbed out and minimized, so we decided to go back.

Here is a long changelog:

– Updated Trucky Telemetry to version 1.7.4
– Updated C# plugins and related libraries
– Fixed incorrect savegame write check in the Dispatcher that prevented to understand that the savegame was actually saved
– Fixed memory management issue during radio stream that could lead to a
lead to app crash
– Fixed a couple of bugs in radio management
– Fixed bug that created Desktop Helper crashes when opening in some edge cases
– Fixed flag in Leaderboards and language list in Settings
– Fixed bug that prevented searching in Leaderboards
– Fixed crash when closing Discord RPC in some cases
– Fixed in a couple of blocking bugs in Desktop Window that caused window crashes
– Fixed bug in Mod Manager
– Fixed a couple of bugs in Telemetry data management especially regarding traffic alerts
– Fixed a bug in Game Summary that could cause Desktop Window to crash
– Fixed Lithuanian language update and in general a bug on the update of the translated resources
– Removed unnecessary call to TruckyMods at first app startup

In case you were wondering, the skin in the image above is part of the special package dedicated to our Patrons 🙂

We are working on something new, together with our Testers and Ambassadors, we are already in an advanced testing phase. Follow them on Twitch and Youtube to discover what we are cooking 🙂 or come in our Discord for a chat 🙂


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