Desktop Helper: Profiles

The Desktop Helper got a major facelift after its first release with a feature already requested by a lot of people during the time.

With Profiles, you can define different configurations for your Desktop Helper widget’s based on the game: Singleplayer or TruckersMP.

Probably in TruckersMP you use the Live Map or Live Traffic Alerts while on SP they will be empty? You got covered now!

Your current configuration become the “Default” one.

Not only you can define a profile for SP or TruckersMP but you can define MULTIPLE profiles for each game mode and choose what’s the default one. It’s up to you!

When you run the game, the Desktop Helper will recognize the current game mode and will load the correct profile automatically.

Maybe you do like a simple configuration

Or maybe you want the full one 🙂

Full Changelog

  • Desktop Helper: now integrated in main Desktop Window, removed the standalone window
  • Desktop Helper: Profiles, define and save your widgets configurations for different game modes
  • Desktop Helper: improvements to window position, should move automatically to the second monitor is under the game
  • Desktop Helper: improved widgets loading and resolved some little bugs on switching game or game mode
  • New Settings: choose if you want the Desktop Helper maximized automatically (be carefully, could case alt-tabbing)
  • Telemetry Plugin Update 1.7.1 with SCS Telemetry SDK 1.13
  • Changed Hazard Light, Truck Wheel Lift and Trailer Wheel Lift indicators, now directly from SDK
  • Small fixes in Mod Manager
  • Improved Ads behaviour

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