Transform your Phone into a Button Box with Trucky and Touch Portal!

Another nice and useful feature on Trucky, the direct integration with Touch Portal!

For those who don’t know, Touch Portal is a mobile application, available for Android and iOS, that turns your phone into a button box capable of interacting with your PC.

Thanks to the direct integration with Trucky and the dedicated Touch Portal plugin, now you can directly control the overlay functions from your phone and ALSO the icons on your phone change according to the game state.

To use the Touch Portal plugin, you need the Touch Portal Pro License and a Premium Subscription to Trucky.

So not only start the engine, for example, directly from your phone but also see the direction arrows flashing or the handbrake on or even display some data of your trip.

In addition, we have prepared a special Icons Pack with hand crafted icons, which can also be used on your Stream Deck, for example.

To help you, we have prepared a complete user guide: from installing the Plugin to configuring the Pages.

You can find the guide here: https://truckyapp.com/kb/touch-portal-integration-guide/

For advanced users and Streamers, inside the guide, there is a full section about using Game Events to execute commands directly on your OBS to improve your Live Stream with effect sent directly from the game (like a crash, a fine, or simply whe you start the engine)


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