Introducing Trucky.Events


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We are happy to announce the coming launch of Trucky.Events website: ultimate Events Management and Advertising Platform for the Multiplayer Trucking Community.

In the last few months, we saw some changes in Events Advertising platform panorama, a couple of sites closed down due to various reasons. The idea to create a new Event Advertising platform with Management tools was a lot old than some months, but now times are mature to give something new to our community.

We want to offer something more than a standard and plain Events Advertising website, the final aim is to build a useful and complete platform to manage and running events.

All events and convoys published will be visible as well on Trucky Mobile App and Trucky Web with fancy additions for featured ones.

Trucky.Events will be launched with these features:

Complete form to create events and convoys – we know events are more complex and big than convoys so will be some differences in their management

Interactive locations map

Routes and Truck Fest map upload – No more upload your images on external platform and link it in event description

Truck Fest slot booking – No more Google Form or external site to let book parking slots

Charity Support – Direct integration with JustGiving to show your goals directly with your event

Roles and Staff management – Organize and event or a convoy is a complex and hard thing, especially to find for help and build an optimized event staff. You’ll create as many roles as you want and will receive applications for your event directly on Trucky.Events

Tools – There will be some useful tools to manage participants and extract them in a simple way

Recurring convoys – Tired to data entry every week all the same information? Never need to!

The development won’t stop here, we have a lot of ideas and new things to bring inside Trucky.Events.


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