Preparing new map: waiting for Promods on TMP

Everyone in the community is exicted about TruckersMP news upcoming support for Promods!

And here at Trucky, we are also excited too and we’ve worked hard to add our part to the Virtual Trucking experience.

Today we want to show you how a new map is prepared, showing one of our tools, the Map Editor!

The Map Editor permits to our Map Editors to work on the map, place and move markers, define the area of a location used in our Traffic System, define countries and their flags.

Working on a big map like Promods isn’t easy with its 44 countries, 502 cities and relative areas, 25 external city ports and many special roads. 

10 Map Editors worked hard for 3 days adding markers and areas to a such big map in a cosmetic way!

If you are curious to see our Map Editor, check out this quick video:

Will be available on App, Web and Overlay as soon TMP will release new version with Promods compatibilty.

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