New Overlay version is here!

The Trucky Telemetry Plugin (new version, need to be updated before starting the game is 1.0.5) has been updated with new features and data passed to the overlay thanks to the SCS Telemetry SDK 1.11 shipped with 1.36.

Now a lot of new data is available and gathered from the the game, like detailed trailers and damage informations, toll gates and fines, precise event when a job start or finishes.

Thanks to this data, now is available an End Game Report visibile in-game during driving with ALT+E or at the end when exiting the game.

The game report will show a quick stats about your driving session. Unfortunately not all data is available from the game, such as service repairs cost or shopping moments at the truck dealer.

Furthermore, in response to players asked to show game and truck info differently because overlapping with TruckersMP Chat, now is available the “Game Info Vertical mode” in the settings window.

New window, as well the others, is draggable and could positioned whenever you want. It shows new informations like detailed trailers status, load and truck damage as well the current selected gear (as requested by some players). Nice addition is also your license plate built with World Of Trucks license plate API.

You should have already received the update, if not try to restart Overwolf.


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