Mobile app and TruckyBot news

Last week we published the new Trucky Events and, following that, some changes were made to ensure better integration both on the app and on our TruckyBot.

TruckyBot and monitored events

TruckyBot can now manage messages related to your events published on Trucky Events directly from Discord.

In two ways: using the .pubevent command or sending a message containing a Trucky Events event URL in a channel where the bot is present.

Here an example of the embed created with the .pubevent command:

In both cases, TruckyBot will automatically monitor the ✅ reaction by adding participants to your event on Trucky Events.
Using the .pubevent command, the message created will be automatically updated by TruckyBot following updates on Trucky Events (changes to the event, new participants) automatically reporting updated information on your event.

More space to Featured and Partnered Events

Furthermore, in the mobile app, featured and partnered events are shown directly on the home screen.

The events screen has been slightly modified bringing the most important events published on Trucky Events to the first position, also showing the banners that the organizers upload to give greater prominence to the event.

SCS Community Event progress

As you can see from the screenshot above, in order to honor the ongoing SCS event, a small and quick summary of the event has also been added, updating in near real-time.

Twitch live streams

Since streamers are very important members of the community, a new section dedicated to live streaming on Twitch on ETS2 and ATS has been added. It is accessible from the home screen and from the sliding menu on the left.

We have something in mind to support streamers on Twitch with some fancy additions on the Overlay.

Stay tuned!
Trucky Team

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