Trucky needs you: become a PATRON

Trucky is pleased to announce the opening of its Patreon account.

Become a Patron!

What is Patreon?

Patreon is a crowdfunding membership platform that helps creators while providing rewards to their subscribers. More information can be found on Patreon’s about page.

Why Trucky needs Patrons?

Trucky APIs are hit more than 9 million times a day reaching 210 million of requests every month, with 55,000 unique users (based on Cloudflare data).

Running all these services isn’t free! While developers team offer their time for free and for the sake of the community, hosting companies and other services must be paid 🙂

During the latest months, the main server was hit 30% more than normal times due to userbase increasing and more services and features added to applications. It’s time to consider a different infrastructure and powerful server to maintain the service up & running.

What are the benefits for Patrons?

A special place on our hearts and Patrons Wall Of Fame, a reward on our Discord server with dedicated role, color, and access to hidden channel.

For Patrons pledging more than 5$, we have plans to release premium features on App and Overlay, some of them are already in development.

What we’ll do with contributions?

Review completely the infrastructure to ensure a better and stable service, such as:
– Cloudflare Pro plan
– New infrastructure: 2 balanced backend server, 2 frontend servers, 1 backup server
– S3 or equivalent storage for CDN (map tiles, users uploads)
– Better monitoring tools (log analyzers, status page, APM)

Exceeding contributions will be donated to charity around the world.

If you want to continue to use Trucky’s services like the app, the overlay or bots in a good way with reliability and good performances, you should consider to support us!

Become a Patron!

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