July 2020 – latest changelog: app and overlay

During the last few weeks, App and Overlay received some updates, some of them were small containing some little fix. Latest app release on Android fixed some relevant bugs and now the app is more stable

In particular:

  • Home screen: Fixed wrong font color in Twitch live streams counter when using the light theme
  • Tabs: fixed not active font color
  • Live Map: fixed issue when loading the map for the first time making markers appears and disappears immediately
  • Looking for players screen: fixed crash when clicking refresh when not logged in with Steam
  • Featured event card: fixed wrong font color while using the light theme
  • Fixed alert “Network error” after Steam login
  • Added Patreon login (must be connected with Steam) preparing for Patreon’s premium features

As usual iOS update will arrive in a few days.

While on the Overlay there is some good news:

  • Telemetry data now is sent in real-time instead of having a timeframe of 1 second each data update
  • All relevant overlay in-game windows now are resizable. Approaching to every side of the window, you will see the typical resize cursor. Be aware that a resize could bring some strange behavior and data loss, therefore all windows are responsive, not all size is suitable for all windows.
  • Last updates containing many fixes to improve overlay stability resolving some strange Overwolf behavior or TruckersMP fault like not connecting to a server.
  • All windows remember position and sizing, no more fixed windows (especially horizontal ones)
  • Using new Overwolf API function to resize window auto calculating DPI for better sizing relating your user monitors
  • To help users supplying easily overlay and game logs while opening a ticket, there is a new button in the Overlay window out of the game, called “Export support logs”, this button creates a zip file containing all relevant files useful for debugging

Hope you like and enjoy the last updates!

Happy trucking 🙂

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