Introducing ads

A few months ago we opened our Patreon to receive donations as recurring monthly subscriptions.
We thought it was enough to raise what was needed to support our infrastructure and plan to expand to new servers with more power.
Unfortunately, there was no adhesion we expected and we were forced to choose a more aggressive form of monetization, advertisements.
The latest updates of the mobile app and the overlay will contain advertisements, not so invasive, but always present. As for the overlay, surely your gameplay will not be disturbed.

But there is a way to get rid of ads, become a Patron. Subscribing plans from 3$ to 5$ and linking your Steam account to Patreon account, apps will know you are a Patron and will stop to display ads.

At the startup the app will ask if you want to remove ads with a friendly and quick modal dialog.

To learn more how to link your Steam account to Patreon please read the dedicated knowledge base article.

Become a Patron!

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