Overlay release: more customization options

At Trucky, we know customizations and personalizations are important for our users, mostly when using things like Overlay that hooks inside your game experience. With the great collaboration of our beta testers and submissions via Public board on Trello (https://truckyapp.com/trello), Overlay got new fancy additions.

Version 2.2.4 brings a lot of new customization options for you:

  • Main window (the upper bar) could become a draggable vertical window. Important note: settings button is not in this window mode and options could opened with hotkey ALT+O
  • Realtime clock could be shown on game info window too
  • Truck plate could be hid
  • Instead of estimated in-game time, now real-life time could be shown calculated on the local scale and in-game ETA (no more 45hours but “you will arrive in 25 mins”). This option is valid for both horizontal and vertical window mode.

Furthermore, in Customize tab:

  • Font family and size could be changed choosing among dozens of beautiful Google fonts
  • Custom logo could be shown on the main window, game info, or both and its height could be adjusted accordingly to image you loaded. The custom logo height is valid only for the game info window.

Generally, all windows got a little restyling, decreasing spaces between elements, tinier form inputs, and resizing a bit buttons to don’t appear too big anymore.

Informations in the Game info window in vertical mode have been reorganized, taking less space but maintaining a coherent organization, some icons have been changed too.

(Hey, Krewlex will arrive in a real-life minute to his destination!)

This update introduce also a dedicated speed limit signal in ATS aligned to American signals style.

I hope you enjoy this update!

Thanks and happy trucking!

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