Overlay update: bugfixes and UI change

Released Overlay v2.2.25.5 with a bunch of bugfixes, few improvements and UI changes:

Full changelog:

  • Settings window completely redesigned

  • Settings: added information about current videos and screenshot folder and added button to change them without using Overwolf settings

  • Trip counter: added option to show or hide it in game info window
  • Trip counter: choose if has to be resetted on game exit or not and added button to reset it manually

  • Fixed bug when switching between games or multiplayer to singleplyer (and viceversa) causing some MP features dont work or wrong units conversions
  • Fixed Screenshot notification didnt appear preventing screenshot to be saved
  • ETS2: fixed speed limit visualization with 3 digits
  • ATS: fixed speed limi visualization caused from missing conversion from km to mph
  • Fixed missing alternate text to buttons and some wrong ones
  • Fixed Desktop window closure when restarting the game

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