Dispatcher Improvements (formerly Save Edit)

The Dispatcher (formerly known as Save Edit) has received its first major update,, which introduces some small new features but overall an improved user experience.

We’ve learned a lot from live streams from our Ambassadors and from Streamers who have used Save Edit live… coff coff… Dispatcher.

Some things that we took for granted in reality were not for everyone so the interface was modified accordingly:

As some people didnt save really the game save, a friendly reminder to save has been added at the top of the window:

Many said alerts and warning was poorly readable, indeed white on orange was a bad color choise, so now, are white on red, no excuses! 😀

The list of profiles does not allow to select profiles with Steam Cloud Sync enabled and a small warning is presented to disable the synchronization.


The distance calculation has been improved introducing an important feature, necessary for the arrival of the Cargo Market support. Routes are loaded from your save data to help create the largest database of routes available.

But sometimes the precise distance between two points can not be found and must be “guessed”. To let the user know that the calculated distance is not real, a dedicated alert has been added.

The route influence directly the job revenue.

Some players were confused by the definition of trailers. To try to mitigate this problem, a small “translation” has been included. The definition is automatically translated so it won’t be available for all trailers, it should work for most “built-in” or known DLC trailers, for custom trailers it might not work completely. But it’s a start 🙂


When you select a double, triple or HTC, you will be notified that the trailer may not be allowed in all countries. So be careful, because it may cause an Economy Reset and your truck will be reset to your HQ.

Futhermore, the first freight market job you add in a list will be preselected in the Freight Market Jobs list without having search for it between companies and cities.

We hope you like this first update, Cargo Market support is close.

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