Trucky for Windows 2.8 – November Update

Version 2.8 introduces several new features and some graphical changes.

New VTC Hub and Push Notifications

The application received a new header where notifications are now clearly visible, which have also become real-time and PUSH integrated with the Windows notification system.
The VTC Hub menu is always reachable, this change has made it necessary to rewrite much of the Desktop window operation for better and more consistent internal navigation.

Sound Alerts

By popular demand, sound alerts about reaching or exceeding a certain speed threshold arrive, configurable with custom sounds and different speeds for both games.

Disable job tracking for the current session.

This was also requested by several people during the time and was indeed needed; now you can disable job tracking for the current session, especially if you want to test a new profile or have fun with friends without worrying about deleted jobs, damage, or other values that can ruin your VTC stats.

Fix & Refuel Trucks, Fix Trailers

By popular demand, new actions have been added to the Dispatcher: with one click you can repair or fully refuel your vehicles, one by one or all at once, and also repair trailers.
This is a premium feature.
Repairing or refueling your vehicle during a job will not affect the final result of the logged job (at least in Trucky’s VTC Hub).

Company Ownership Transfer

Until now it was necessary to open a ticket, but not anymore, the ownership change can be done by the current owner directly from the application, which is quick and easy.

Invalid Stats Type Alert

We have added the “INVALID” Stats alert as requested in our suggestion forum, useful for some VTC members focused on Race Miles but occasionally running a bit too fast 🙂

Other small changes

Some pages received minor facelifts, nothing serious, but some information needed to be better organized: personal profile, and settings, for example.

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