Trucky Traffic system and map updates


during previous weeks, we worked a lot on the map, trying to serve a new version of traffic data using Trucky data instead of getting it from Krashnz website.

Why? With this (below) we are autonomous to choose how calculate locations areas and how calculate traffic and density inside them.

This tool let us to define areas and markers, placing and drawing them following map updates and adding new crowded areas when they will become popular in the game.

Areas are needed to calculate correctly how many players are inside a city area, a port, a special point of interests in a more correct way. For example, we decided to include, in city areas, also companies that are far away from city center.

All this work led to bring in mobile app, bot and web app, a new way to communicate traffic informations, sometime numbers could be different between Trucky and Krashnz site due the reason we are drawn areas in a different way.

If you think we should add new locations to the map and traffic, please let us know!

Mapping all cities and areas will bring a new feature in Trucky ecosystem, so stay tuned!

A part traffic data, the map in the Web app has a new beautiful button, full screen, it’s the button on top left of the map, if you click it map will go full screen.

Happy trucking!

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