Trucky Downtime – 7th May

Hello truckers,

As I’m sure many of you have seen, Trucky has been experiencing a lot of issues with our uptime this evening.

We were first notified of the issue at 20:15 when Trucky services were slow to respond to users.
Investigation then began and things quickly escalated.

We then notified our social media as 21:53 after being banned from the TruckersMP API meaning we couldn’t bring the services back online


As can be seen on the graph below, there were over 66,000 requests to the Trucky API made within 30 minutes

View graph in full size

This caused not only issues for Trucky, but TruckersMP too.
We were receiving a record number of requests and this was having an impact on the TruckersMP API – something of which Trucky relies on to deliver TruckersMP related information.

TruckersMP made the decision to ban all Trucky requests to their API due to the enormous amount of traffic being sent to their servers.
We’d like to thank CJMAXiK and Kat at TruckersMP for responding quickly as we began to bring the situation back under control and eventually lifting the ban once we were all confident that the requests had stopped.


We identified the issue and have removed it from all Trucky services.
This means the API called from the open source VTRPC client (including custom VTC rich presence) now will not work if the version is older than 2.8.5
If you use VTRPC for your VTC logger, you should upgrade to the latest version as soon as possible as versions older than 2.8.5 are no longer supported.


We’d like to thank you all for being patient with us while we were working on getting the Trucky services back up and running.
All services are now resumed apart from those mentioned otherwise.

Kind Regards,
Trucky Team

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