Dispatcher now supports any Map Mod for Cargo Market

One of the major limitations of the Dispatcher in creating Cargo Market Jobs is the missing support of Map Mods and Combos.

But, finally, that time has passed!

Thanks to the collaboration with RoccoVax, aka Dario Wouters, one of the most talented developers in the Community around SCS games, author of TS-Map, the famous TS-FMod-Plugin and SCS Unit Type Check, Trucky can now read directly from the game memory and have in real time and without any external intervention, the location of companies to create Cargo Market Jobs on any map!

No more “Cannot find company placements” error!

Although this new feature is experimental and may break due to game updates, we also tested it intensively between 1.44 and 1.45 without any problem.

Our Patrons can then teleport to any area of the map (and any map mod, any Combo) without any problem!

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