Improvements to Public Transport on TruckersMP

TruckersMP has just released the latest new feature: support for buses.

They have done an amazing job to support this new vehicle type including passenger animation.

Finally Trucky’s Public Transport feature is fully and permanently usable on TruckersMP. Routes provided with TruckersMP can be read from the Lines Manager as well, just choose “TruckersMP” in the maps list (available only connected to TruckersMP).

But, to start a Public Transport Route on TruckersMP you can use the built-in routes on Euro Truck Simulator 2 and Promods, as well.

The latest version of Trucky introduces support for any key on the keyboard for confirming stop (opening doors) or closing doors, so you can map them to those used in game even if you use numpads or special keys, just focus the field and press the key you want to map, then save the settings.

Follow this tutorial to use the Public Transport on Trucky.

Also, to live totally experience in the whole map, route management has been improved by introducing the Route Editor.

With this tool you can create new Lines for Public Transport on supported maps and also on custom maps such as Grand Utopia or Reforma, easily, directly from the game, using your location.

Read more here to know how to create Routes on a Custom Map.

Remember that lines taken with Public Transport in Trucky are logged by the VTC Hub and can contribute to your company’s economy, plus the Bolloré Bluebus can be purchased as a vehicle in your fleet.

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