Trucky for Windows: New UI

For the past two months, we have been working on a new version of Trucky for Windows, with lots of new features but especially a completely new interface that introduces new content and a new user experience.

Get ready, this is going to be a pretty long post 🙂

As this is totally a new version with a lot of changes, the rollout will be staged at 30% of the users initially, if the impact will be positive and there wont be big issues, will be deployed for everyone in few days!

New UI

After 3 years, it was time for a refresh, the current interface was starting to get a bit stale.

This version finally introduces the concept of “personal profile” on Trucky, still rather embryonic, progressively the profile features will be expanded. Although the user profile is double-tied to the Steam profile, an email address is now required upon the first login. Why? To receive incoming communications from the VTC Hub, for example.

In the future, Trucky’s profile will play a central role in using the application.

Also, to have the application fully functional, you will not need to start the game the first time but the Steam profile, and consequently the Trucky profile, will be recognized using Steam authentication.

Now let’s go through the individual new features introduced with this release.

Automatic Screenshot Delivery (Premium)

Trucky can now take an automatic screenshot when a delivery is completed, capturing the game’s job summary.

Virtual Mechanics

This feature represents the real change in vehicle maintenance management: you can hire virtual mechanics who will take care of your vehicles when they need maintenance.
By hiring mechanics, vehicles will no longer go into automatic maintenance but you will need to assign them to a single mechanic. Vehicles will then go into a “Needed Maintenance” status and will have to be “virtually parked” in the garage, and cannot be used for deliveries until maintenance is complete.

Mechanics have a hiring cost and a recurring cost, depending on their level and ability. Each mechanic can take care of a specific type of maintenance, and depending on his or her speed, the maintenance time will be reduced by 5% for each level. The “better” the mechanic is, the sooner your vehicle will be back ready for the road 🙂

Roles: New Attributes

You can now define the role as “inactive”, all members associated with this role will not receive the weekly salary.

The role can be flagged as “default”: all new members will be assigned to that role automatically when they join the company.

Jobs: Bulk Deletion

Jobs can be deleted in bulk, with simple multiple selections.

Garage: Management Page

The garage receives an actual page for its management, where you can see the location on the real-world map (a little game, no big deal), assigned vehicles and, as describe above, the management of mechanics.

Company Stats: Annual Display

In addition to the default monthly view, you can now see your company’s overall annual statistics, both distance and economic. This data is available also via the API.

Inactive Members Treshold

You can specify a “Inactive Members Treshold”, in days, that will be used in the Members list to filter members without completed jobs in more than the treshold value.

Your Applications

Users can now independently manage their applications to companies; If a company does not respond in the due time, the user can autonomously withdraw the application and apply to another company.

Application Management

Changes have also been made to application management: it is possible to contact the applicant by sending a message via email, obviously for privacy reasons the email will not be provided and Trucky will act as a communication system. In addition, the candidate’s history will be shown so that the recruiter can analyze how they have moved between companies.

Server-side Changes

Some new notifications have been added, specifically, you are now notified when a member leaves your company and when one of your vehicles needs maintenance.

Redesigned Settings Page

The settings page has been redesigned, arranging the dozens of possible settings in a better way. New features are coming especially the video capture feature which will be improved in the near future.

WOTR Job Tracking Bugfix

We have discovered a bug in WOTR job tracking, in particular when the game sends data about a duplicated job, for some reason WOTR continues to create jobs with the same delivery date as other jobs already completed. As a result, these jobs didn’t get tracked correctly, but now they are, we have tested this fix for many weeks.

The new version number is 2.5.34 .

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