Live map updated: ETS2 1.32 and Oregon

Thanks to the amazing work of edo.g from VTLog.net , Trucky has a new map rebuilt from scratch aligned to ETS2 1.32 and Oregon DLC, both on mobile app and web app.

Map has been captured with a new technology, permitting to maintain high quality tiles at every zoom and adding a zoom level.

Calais – Zoom level 8

Now trucks are visibile from an minor zoom level, from 5 to 8 (before was only at zoom level 7).


Calais area – Zoom level 5

Furthermore, ATS map has been updated with Oregon DLC included.


With this update, we have updated also the leaflet.js version (the library the map is based on) and improved trucks rendering with some tweaks.

No need to download an update from your app store, map is already visibile without app release.

As always, please notify us any errors, issues or strange thing you’ll find navigating the map on our Discord server.

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