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Android Updates and iOS Testflight

In case you missed app updates and what’s new or you wasn’t using the app for a while, here it is a quick list:

Android release: 2.7.2 – Traffic alerts

Android release: 2.6.1 – Player ratings

Android release: 2.5.0 – Players looking for players

Android release: 2.3.0 – New notification system and “Live Events”

Android release: 2.2.0 – VTLog integration and “My profile”

All these updates has been already shipped to Android devices, due difficulties to have a reliable MacOS machine easily, iOS updates has been delayed for a while. Recently i’ve rent a MacOS virtual machine in the cloud to easily build iOS versions and now, you, dear iOS user, can participate as Beta Tester of new version. How? Just send to dowmeister#4050 in Trucky Discord server your iTunes email account and i’ll add as Testflight user.

Desktop web version

As many requested, Trucky now has also a Web version with same feature of the mobile app and it can be used from desktop browsers and tablets.

For further details, read the detailed release post.

New commands in TruckyBot

Recently a young developer, Harfeur, joined the Trucky Development Team as Bot Developer, he add a bunch of new commands to help you to manage your VTC directly from your Discord.

How? Take a look here. For a complete commands list send .help or visit the full command list page. If you have some suggestions for new commands, come in Trucky Discord server and write them in #suggestions channel.

Discord partner

We applied as Discord Partner but unfortunately they rejected us. Why? They said our Discord doesn’t meet some requirements like number of people in it, we have to arrive at 1000 users connected. Do you want to help us to reach this milestone? So join Trucky Discord Sever right now!

Trucky Events

Our first online event was a great success (at least for us!) and we want to replicate it and create new events for our community. But not simply convoys and truckfest, we want to go over and plan something different and new.

So we are asking to you what kind of event you’d attend:

[yop_poll id=2]

Do you want to help us organizing or partecipating with active part in an event? Join the Trucky Convoy Control Team sending us an application with this form.

Our events will be streamed from Trucky Twitch channel.

Introducing Trucky Staff

During previous months some new people joined the Trucky team via our Discord server, now Trucky team is composed by:


Dowmeister – Owner, App developer, Bot Developer

Mqke – Discord Founder, Bot Developer

Harfeur – Bot Developer

Nat7471 – Community Manager

MrLojnat – Event Team, Discord Moderator

Tera – Public Relations, Moderator

Portalcow – Event Team, Streamer

Olioak – Public relations, Event Team

FoneeyT – Media Manager

mpk3000 – Event Team, Support

Enquire now

Give us a call or fill in the form below and we will contact you. We endeavor to answer all inquiries within 24 hours on business days.