Android release: 2.1.8

Android version released to 2.1.8 New feature: filter events by city Minor fix and improvements Click the lens button on the title bar to filter events by city. Remove the filter clicking on the “x” button  

Android release: 2.1.6

Android version released to 2.1.6 Changelog: Added support for regional languages Added Indonesian and Portuguese (Brazilian) translation

Android release: 2.1.4

Android version released to 2.1.4 Changelog: Spanish, Turkish, French and German translations completed Added Hungarian translation

Android release: 2.1.01

Android version released: 2.1.01 Changelog: Added ATS map and cities to in-app map Added button to localize current logged user (must be logged on Steam) and track him on the map Added location and server informations in friends online list and search player screen Minor bugfixes and improvements Minor fixes in translations typos